"Pesa zangu"

Translation:My money

March 25, 2017

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So money is considered as plural ? Does the same count for trash ? Takataka zangu ?


Fedha is money too. How do fedha and -pesa differ in use?


You will hear pesa in daily speech. Fedha is somewhat more official, and you would probably hear that in cases where English uses 'funds'. All Tanzanian banknotes are 'signed' by Waziri wa fedha, i.e. Minister of Finance, and 'Gavana' which means Governor (governor of what I don't know:)

Btw: the word fedha originally means silver


It was just now that I realized the Spanish word peso and the Hindi word पैसा (tr. paisa) must be related (I suspect both of those as well as Swahili pesa are all a loanword from Arabic).


I speak Arabic but pesa doesn't rind any bell to me. I guess it comes from Sanskrit

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