"Noi avem a cincisprezecea."

Translation:We have the fifteenth.

March 25, 2017

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Why here is not variant with "pe" like in Daniel has the eleventh - Daniel il are pe al unssprezecelea


I totally agree. I've just been marked wrong for not using "îl" and "pe" in an almost identical question and now they don't appear in the word bank and I get told it's correct. Please decide whether this form is correct or incorrect and make all the questions consistent. Until they can be made consistent, maybe these questions should be removed. It cannot be left to chance whether we're marked correct or not and teaching us a mistake is very damaging.


Is it pronounced “cincisprezecea” or “cinsprezecea”?


Both cincisprezecea, cinsprezecea and even cinșpea are correct, yet this particular pronunciation of cincisprezecea is flawed.


I think this should be "the fifteenth one" because it doesn't make much sense as is. This is an issue throughout this unit. Also, the Romanian would be better as "Noi o avem pe a cincisprezecea."


This sentense confuse me much and can not find a good explanation of use those two il and pe

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