March 25, 2017



My impression is that cyflym and sydyn can both mean "quick" but that sydyn is for something that takes a short time while cyflym is more about the speed itself, if that makes sense.

For example, I once saw someone talking about a microwaved meal which is sydyn -- that's "fast" in the sense of "doesn't take much time to prepare", but siarad yn gyflym is "fast" in the sense of "the words come out quickly" rather than with respect to how long it takes to say a given sentence -- more about the rate than about the total time.

There's also a series of books called Stori Sydyn which are "Quick Reads" -- presumably more in the sense that it will not take long to finish the book, rather than that the kind of language in them lends itself to a quick rate of reading.

Does that distinction sound about right?


Yeah it sounds about right. Think of it like "Sydyn" as "Sudden" whereas "Cyflym" is more "Fast/quick".

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