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Lingots for your students to do timed practice or quizzes.

I'm not sure how this will work but someone posted what do I do with my extra 1000 lingots. My suggestion was give them to an educator so they can give them to students to buy timed and or quizzes. If you would like some lingots for that purpose please reply. The transfer process is a pain as it's one lingot at a time but I think it's worth trying.

March 25, 2017



i need some. only three of my students haven't saved up for progress quizzes though.


thank you so much this will help for a long time for me and my students


My students do not have enough lingot to buy test because they buy too much double or nothing and they got nothing


I could use some to test my 3 homeschooled high schoolers!


I need some i don have any lingots

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