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Unable to report sentence structure

Muszę odpowiedzieć na ten list."

jackelliot 14 179

I must answer to this letter

The difficulty in reporting sentence structure brings it to the discussion board for debate

Is it just me or is there other users that have difficulty reporting sentences

March 12, 2014

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Is there no error report function, Jack? There should be a box for 'other'. The English is completely mangled, so I agree it needs reporting.


The problem is that over the weekend it worked fine in other languages but the Polish report sentence area was out of order .. it opened fine but could not write any text into it and the Send button did not work ... with the blue boxes one could work but not the others ... yesterday it worked for a few hours and then went back to being out of order. ... Notified the Moderator Endios who suggested using the other language support buttons because likewise the Polish Site seems to be without a support button also .....

Sorry for this story and as I progress through the Polish tree it would be nice to make my voice along with others be heard or at least a working place to write upon ...

Been sending lots to Endios the Moderator but they have other things to do also

here are some Lingots in thankfulness to your reply

all the best Jack


Jack, does the first option, "Moja odpowiedź powinna być zaakceptowana", not work? It is the one that sends your translation in a form of report to us.


I will try it later today ... Got to do a lot of things today ... What happens is that it is the first box that is possible to actually tick ... but when I went to send it to report it did not process ... i will try it later this evening if I have time ...perhaps it is just myself that is doing things wrong ..

All the best and thanks for your kind attention


I sent several reports "TEST. Ignore it" All worked OK for me in both cases of wrong and good answer. Buttons visible, confirmation displayed (IE, Chrome Version 27.0.1453.116) I detected another error. One of the report options is displayed "Zdanie ||po... brzmi nienaturalnie lub jest błędne" where it should be: "Zdanie po polsku brzmi nienaturalnie lub jest błędne"


Cheers thanks I will answer it properly later when I get the opportunity


Czy jeszcze ktoś zauważył że używanie tej funkcji nie działa? Chcielibyśmy zorientować się w zakresie problemu.


the report page opens but unable to write on it and unable to tick the boxes ... Sometimes one blue box is able to tick but then it cannot be processed to send to actually report ....

i am sorry i am doing it in Reverse .... I am Scottish and learning the Polish language ..

thank you for your attention

all the best



Ja akurat z tą funkcją nie miałem jakichś problemów, ale zauważyłem, że wszystkie opcje nie zawsze się wyświetlają razem i tak jak u dimy, czasem widzę zdanie "Zdanie ||po... brzmi nienaturalnie lub jest błędne"


Tak, znamy ten błąd, zgłaszany już wielokrotnie. Praca nad nim wre :)

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