"If we do not do sports, we will get tired."

Translation:Noi dacă nu facem sport, noi vom obosi.

March 25, 2017

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Daca nu facem sport, ne vom obosi. Isn't this correct?


Yes, this is correct, but the translation isn't correct, only if we say "Dacă noi nu facem sport, noi ne vom obosi."


"Ne vom obosi" is rarely used, with the sense of "we will make efforts". In here you should use the usual form "noi vom obosi" ("we will get tired")


Why isn't sports translated with the plural: sporturi?


Same in French and Italian to my knowledge. Not sure why it is like this.


Does the subject (Noi) of the phrase usually come BEFORE the conjunction (dacă), and not after, as in English? Could you say, "Dacă noi nu facem sport,"?


In fact this would be the normal way of saying it. The form used by Duo (noi dacă nu facem...") is used rarely, when you want to emphasize the group (noi). Also do not forget that in Romanian the person can be omitted as it is already indicated by the verb. So the usual phrase would be "dacă nu facem sport vom obosi"

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