"Two beers, please."

Translation:Două beri, vă rog.

March 25, 2017

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Multumesc. But it states va rog,theres te rog Mersi how come there are so many words in Romanian for the same word of thanks


"vă rog" is a respectful please (literally "I ask thee" or "I ask y'all") "te rog" is a informal please (literally "I ask you") "mersi" is an loan-word from French and means "thank you", not "please".


So mulțumesc doesn't work? Is it like thanks and please in english? In swedish we have the same word after both yes and no, "tack".

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It works just like in English, the Swedish way to say it will not work (although you might still be understood from the context of the interaction). It will still sound weird if you say 'două beri, mulțumesc'. 'Mulțumesc' is just not used for requests.

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