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Where to start learning ASL online!

Thank you Sweilan1 for introducing me to this American Sign Language resource video from AI-Media, detailing how to start learning ASL online:

Click here to watch the video.

I am familiar with some of the resources listed in the video. They are among some of my favorites. :D

Why learn Sign Language? Well, from a purely economic perspective, ASL Interpreters can make an entry level wage between $20-25 an hour! Additionally, many people who are born and go through life as hearing folks eventually become hard of hearing or deaf as they age. Those who don't often have family members who do instead. Without Sign Language, they can experience isolation and alienation. Think of of how much easier this transition would be if there were plenty of signers ready to embrace them before hand. And think of the access a community of signers would allow for children who are born Deaf or hard of hearing. On the more casual side, ever tried to talk across a busy restaurant, bar, or through a closed car window? (All situations I've been in!) It is much easier with Sign. Learning a Sign Language is a plus from every angle. :)

March 25, 2017



Thank you, my mother knows it and it seems interesting. Another minor use is that in class, you can communicate in ASL when the teacher says no talking. Either way, it's intriguing.


As a hard of hearing person who is studying to becoming an ASL interpreter I would say the best resource to learn ASL is taking live classes and interaction with the Deaf community. However if you can't take classes, then I would recommend Lifeprint.


A++ Advice! Thank you for filling in what was left out of my OP. :)


It costs money. But it looks like the most professional, easiest, and most entertaining way to learn ASL online:



I would try to say thank you in ASL but then I realised you can't type ASL...


There are a few ASL writing systems currently competing with each other to see which system will become dominant. Though, it is possible that one not currently on the radar will become the dominant system in the future. A friend of mine who is part of the Deaf community and fluent in sign was showing me one. I wish I could remember the name of it. They had just gotten a book on it. And, it seemed intuitive enough that they were to very quickly follow it.


Woah that's really cool!


Thank you for posting this, Usagiboy7.

If one has any urge to learn American Sign Language, I would enthusiastically encourage you to do so.


I work with a young woman who is working to get certified as an ASL interpreter. I may have to learn some signing too some day.

My father-in-law is deaf but he has cochlear implants and never learned how to sign. My sister-in-law is hearing but she paid for college by working as a signing interpreter.

For the time being, I am still trying to learn Braille. Fascinating stuff.


Another very good YouTube channel for ASL users is "The Daily Moth". It's purpose is not to teach. It's a news channel which is Deaf run and the news is broadcast in ASL.


Thanks for the great links Usagi! Do you think ASL is the standard dialect of Sign Language, or is another one dominant?


From what I have heard from my professors who travel quite a bit around the world, they said at most Deaf functions that international you will see people use ASL as a Lingua Fracta, but it really is individual to each country. I will say however that Canada uses ASL and French sign language is very similar since that is what ASL originated from.


Also another option my friend worked on is signschool.com -- It's still in beta phase I think, so not many many modules, but also is a guided website similar in structure to duolingo so I think that many people here may like it


Why isn't there an ASL course on duolingo?


I just came across that video recently. Those are definitely good resources. Also, I LOVE using sign language through windows and across rooms. (:


I will really like to become a sign language translator.

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