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"Khu vực này đẹp hơn khu vực đó."

Translation:This area is nicer than that area.

March 25, 2017



Doesn't this word mean neighborhood too?


It can although generally it means an area or suburb. Neighbourhood is generally translated as hàng xóm.


Can't "đẹp" mean "beautiful?"


Yes but when speaking of areas/suburbs/neighbourhoods/districts a.s.o we generally describe them as nice and not nice.


In Vietnamese you say "đẹp," not "Nice." It's helpful to know that "Nice area" in English might be rendered "khu vực đẹp" but that doesn't mean that the reverse is fixed. We, American English speakers, can say "beautiful" or "pretty" as well as "Nice" to describe an area. It is the conceptual meaning of "đẹp" in Vietnamese that governs the translation. "Nice" is an interesting word in English. I believe Nelson described the battle of Trafalgar as "altogether a very nice affair." That probably would not be "đẹp" in Vietnamese.


I mean in Vietnamese you could also use adjectives like tốt (good) and khá ổn (pretty okay) to mean "nice". The word đẹp in Vietnamese also has several meanings from "beautiful", "handsome", "pretty" to "nice", "fair" and "pleasant".


Thank you that is good to know. What is frustrating is to be taught that "đẹp" means "pretty" and then to be told that it is incorrect to translate "khu vực đẹp" as "beautiful area" going from Vietnamese to English. The course generally does not tolerate much imagination in translations, even though translation is more of an art than a science.


You guys and your sematic hullabaloo around such a phrase is doing my head in. I put" this region is more beautiful than that region." I followed the hints. Its right. To say somewhere is nice is weak dep is not weak. Listen to how people say it. It is a strong word. More Beautiful is an excellent landscape descriptor whether region area or garden.

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