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I've been learning German in Duolingo for 300 days! :)

Der 26.03.2017

Hello, everyone!

Today is my special day, because I have learned German here in Duolingo for 300 days. Not just that, I’ve just reached level 21 :-) on the same day. And I changed my username from Adler2302

It’s a good thing that I didn’t give up in learning German, because it has been a hard time mastering the subordinate clauses, reflexive verbs, subjunctives, adverbs, etc.

In the 7th of January 2017, I’ve signed up for attending Goethe Institut. I took a placement test. The results are pretty good and made a big jump to B1.2 without having to attend the A levels :). If I hadn’t studied in Duolingo, I would have started from the beginning in A1!

I would like to give a big thanks to Duolingo for the German course and also the native-speakers of the German language, like: mizinamo, AbunPang, biertopf, AbendBrot and others who have helped me to learn German :). I hope I can finish my German skill-tree before I reach 400 streak-days.

Here are my data about my progress of the German skill-tree:

Started from: (around) May 2016

Coach: Serious (30 XP per day)

Last quiz’s score: 4.92/5.00 (2 weeks ago)

Lingots: 937

Club (Otto von Bismarck) code: X7YB3P

Number of skills remaining: 111 out of 124 (90%) (Btw, what’s the translation in italic in German?)

Number of lessons remaining: 403 out of 465 (87%)

Estimation for when the skill-tree are all gold/mastered: 24.06.2017 (90%)

(Note: This data was taken by Duolingo’s userscript. Therefore, it may not contain true data since the process of learning might change gradually/dramatically. The words in bold are the exceptions)


  • Number of screenshots as notes taken: 348

  • Number of documents as notes made: 29

I would also like to encourage my members of the ‘Otto von Bismarck’ club to keep learning and trying hard to master (at least the essentials) in learning German. Keep up the good work, fellas :)!

I guess that’s all. There are around 300 words in this post. So, bye. Wish you all the best in learning German and niemals kapitulieren. Have a nice day :)

Herzlichen Dank

Jason P. as Bismarck2302


Bildung zuerst

EDIT: If you would like to see my previous streak-day celebration every 100 days, here they are:



March 26, 2017



Cool! I've given myself a year to become fluent and have been working about an hour everyday to become so. So far my streak is 89 as of today so I still have almost 300 days to go to reach my goal. My current level is 18. Besides Duo, I watch a lot of shows in German, listen to a lot of music, and meet with natives in Skype.

My question is, in your experience, do you think I can make it in a year?


Fluency is a strong word, you can become extremely good at German! I bet on you


I'm almost at 300 days as well.


Im just star and i know the vocb. pretty well im just have trouble pronouncing the word


Congratulations on your achievements!!!


happy for you! many congrats ✌


Congratulations!! Keep up the good work!


Congratulations! Well done; keep it up!


Congrats, du bist toll. I'm also on 300+ streak, but I'm learning very slowly, I think I'll finish the tree in 2-3 years from now lol.


Do you take screenshots and convert them to pdf?


no actually. I screenshot it and save it in my Phone. thats it.


amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!


Great job, congrats. I've finished the tree in english and spanish within 120 days on my main account. Now i am going to level up month by month on these languages and make the same on tis account.


Congrats! I do most of my learning on my cell phone and miss seeing Discussions and discussing sentences in the skill sets. Being from the US I don't understand some of what you wrote about your jump, etc but the important thing is you made good progress - I get that part. Good on you! Have a Lingot!

[deactivated user]


    I'm curious what else you did besides Duolingo to reach the B1.2 level with self-study. I am working my way through the skill tree but if I were doing only that I would be nearly clueless about grammar. Congratulations and I hope you love your classes!


    Thank you guys! I've just updated my post as well




    well done lad i am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi! I just started my german course. I am currently in lvl 5. your story has given me a new hope and i will keep on pursuing this course until i master german. Thanks a lot!


    the best website ever to learn language through!! Congratulations I hope to reach such level, and duration, Tschuss :D

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