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ELS for english speakers

I need a special dispensation from the duoLingo pope. Backstory: My son is dyslexic and, as a result, homeschooled. While there are tons of resources (khan academy etc.) for all the subjects he needs help with online, there are very few resources for language arts. I was thinking, in a flash of insight, that teaching English as a second language might be exactly what's needed for him, as being dyslexic mimics some of the problems non-English speakers have with the language. So, of course, I go to duoLingo, as it's the best software known. However, to do this the language in which the lessons are administered must be English as well. Is there any way I can change the settings to make this happen? I know it's an unusual request but I really believe this experiment might yield some good results.

February 26, 2013


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