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Luxembourgish Lessons #30: The Passive Voice, Ep. V: Future and Future Perfect Tenses

Welcome to number thirty of the Luxembourgish lessons, which will discuss how to form the future and future perfect tenses in, you guessed it, SPACE!!....No, the passive voice.

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The Future Passive

Back in lesson #21, I discussed how to form the future tense, which required the future conjugation of sinn (to be) and the infinitive of the main verb.

However, in the future passive, the main verb becomes the auxiliary verb ginn, with the past participle occurring in between the future conjugation of sinn and ginn. For example, the verb erwëschen would conjugate in the future passive like so:

erwëschen - to catch

The Future Perfect Passive

In lesson #22, I discussed forming the future perfect tense, which had three components: the future conjugation of sinn, the past participle of the main verb, and the auxiliary verbs hunn or sinn in that order.

The future perfect passive, on the other hand, has four components: the future conjugation of sinn, the past participle of the verb in question, the past participle of ginn, and the auxiliary verb sinn (yes, that's quite a lot). Once again, I'll use the verb erwëschen as an example:

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March 26, 2017



What do you think is the best reason to learn Luxembourgish?


Well, my impulse would be to say "if you plan on living in Luxembourg", but I'm not sure how satisfying of a response that is. Personally, I just found it to be a good stepping stone after German, and I just thought it was interesting to see how this language actually works. Other than that, to be honest,. I'm not exactly sure what else to say.

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