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"Bạn người bạn duy nhất của tôi."

Translation:You are the only friend of mine.

March 26, 2017



"my only friend" is what I wanted to say, but the word selection only let me put down "only friend of mine". Pretty awkward.


Is "my only friend" now accepted, mods?


Agree with KS. The sentence is pretty arkward. It is more arkward when DL is not making change after receiving feedbacks.


How to know when "duy nhất" takes the meaning of "unique" and when it takes the meaning of "only"? As in, this sentence seems to have translations of "you are the only friend of mine" and "you are a unique friend of mine (out of many friends)"


"You are my only friend" is the obvious good translation, but I also question the grammatical correctness of "You are the only friend of mine". Frankly, I am not sure whether "mine" should be used in this way or not and welcome any comment.
I know that people often say things such as "She is a friend of mine", but "mine" is a possessive pronoun and I think its proper use is in sentences such as "This is mine". That is, I really think that it means "that which belongs to me". Thus, I wonder if it is grammatically correct to precede "mine" with "of". Perhasp someone can explain whether it is grammatically correct or not.

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