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What is difference between "nel" and "nello" ?

I can't understand what is diferrence between "nel" and "nello"...

What case should I use each words, "nel" and "nello" ?

February 26, 2013




Both "nel" and "nello" are what we call "preposizione articolata". A mix of preposition and article.

We use "Nel" when we would use "il" and "nello" when we would use "lo" (before "Z", groups of consonants starting with S, and some other group of consonants and before some very rare group of vowels that don't take "l'").

Lo zaino -> Nello zaino

Il cestino -> Nel cestino

L'elenco -> Nell'elenco

Some examples of words with "lo"...

Lo zaino, lo zoccolo, lo scatto, lo stereo, lo scivolo, lo spiedino, lo gnocco, lo pneumatico, lo iato.


Thank you so much! I got a picture. I guess I need to memorize more about the combination of article, preposition and a noun.

Anyway, it's a great help, grazie!


@shihaito: You left out other combinations: nella, nelle, nei, negli. All of them a combination of "in" and the article il/l'/lo/la/i/gli/le. la borsa -> nella borsa; le borse (pl) -> nelle borse, i gruppi (pl) -> nei gruppi, gli zaini (pl) -> negli zaini.


Hi, siebolt

Thank you for comments. I've just got started learning Italian. Your comment makes me more motivated to learn Italian.

Thanks again !


You are very welcome. Remember one thing: if ever you come to Italy and try to speak Italian, the Italians will love you for it, for the fact you took all that trouble. Of course you will know more than just hello, goodbye and how much is that, but even if that is the case they are pleased.

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