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Word Genders

In the "Word List" it would be useful if the gender of the nouns was indicated. this would help to reinforce the gender every time we look up the "word List".

Thank you, Ken

March 26, 2017



It is actually indicated. If you look in the French course's 'Words' section, and click on a noun (e.g. chocolat), it shows you whether it is (Masculine) or (Feminine), for example - and in the case of chocolat, (Masculine) is shown.

Or do you mean in the sense of when you actually exercise the review cards? If so, then indeed it isn't indicated there.


Osnakezz, thank you for the reply, I had not realise that I could do that. However, I would like to see the gender when I review the cards rather than having to click on each noun individually.

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