Translation:A nurse

March 26, 2017

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Is mWuguzi also a valid option?


I think yes! It is the alternative form (and please report it if this is rejected):


mwuguzi (m-wa class, plural wauguzi)

1) Alternative form of muuguzi

From Wiktionary: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/mwuguzi


Asante tena :D


Is this a general term for a caretaker, or a specific term for a board-passed RN/LPN/BSN?


How come Swahili is left out? We need to hear how this language is pronounced too?#@^$@*&%!


why is new material showing up in my strengthen skills sessions?

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New material is often added to the lessons. With Dutch I had gone through all the lessons a couple times and I was on my way to bringing all the sections up to full strength when I found the lessons reorganized, new content in many sections, names of sections changed, completely new sections added. Not a bad thing, I think, since I have a new stuff to learn rather than just reviewing the old material. What I would really, really like to see added in the case of Swahili is audio.


On the exercise it's given a Muuguzi, and on the duolingo dictionary (duolingo.com/dictionary) it's given as Mwuguzi, but it doesn't show the Muuguzi as an option. Does anyone know why?

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