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  5. "C'est le dessin d'un robot."

"C'est le dessin d'un robot."

Translation:It is the drawing of a robot.

March 12, 2014



Seems like the sentence really means "design for a robot."


This short sentence is ambiguous in French and can have 3 possible interpretations:

  • it is the drawing of a robot = the drawing represents a robot
  • it is the drawing by a robot = the drawing was made by a robot
  • it is a robot's drawing = the drawing belongs to a robot


I'm just grateful that Duolingo didn't forget about the robot. And how appropriate for it to show up here, in the art section. I know that when I go to the art museum the robot display is one of my first stops. ;-)


Why is 'dessin' only 'drawing' in this case, and not 'design'? In another question it could mean both.


I used design and was marked right.


Why is Picture not acceptable for Dessin in this question.. It is not only a translation in the DUOLINGO word dictionary but also in WORDreference.com.


Could it also be "it is a drawing by a robot?"


@SanneTwo, yes, according to Sitesurf (up above).


That's some scathing criticism


Why so?

Robots draw very well, as far as I know.

Besides "c'est le dessin d'un robot" has several meanings: please read the 2nd post on this page.


Well, something being robotic usually has a negative connotation in art, implying it's lifeless or trite. And with this whole lesson being centered around art, it was the first thing that came to mind.


Why could it not be "it is the robot design"? In English, "robot" in this case would be the adjective, an the article "le" would correspond to "dessin"


Same question. I don't get why Duo demands an indefinite article

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