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wrong and correct answers Swahili


The application is great but there are some small errors and dysfunction. For example, it counts an answer as wrong while it can still be correct. And the corrections are not also correct! For example: How much are the mangoes? Correction: Maembe ni shillingi ngapi? There is no mention to shillingi in the question. Even if we are in West Africa and we use Shillings, the question could be applicable for any currency so the correction should be more like : Maembe ni shingapi? (not sure if this fully correct either).

Thanks any way for all your work on it, i really like using Duo Lingo! Marion

March 27, 2017

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"shingapi" is simply a vernacular, short from of "shilingi ngapi", so this one also implies that shillings is the currency used.

But asking "how many shillings" is simply the most common way of asking the price in Swahili, at least in Tanzania, on whose version of Swahili this course is based.

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