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  5. "E necesar să îl cumpăr?"

"E necesar îl cumpăr?"

Translation:Is it necessary to buy it?

March 27, 2017



I disagree with the English translation because it does not convey for whom it might be necessary. I believe it should be "is it necessary for me to buy it" or much more naturally "do I have to/should I/must I buy it?".


Your reasoning is correct.


"Is it necessary that i buy it?" is also accepted.


buy him ? who is him ? a human ?


"îl" can mean "it" or "him". In this case, it's more likely to mean "it" (depending on the context, of course: it could be a sentence used in a place or time where slavery exists).


Pronunciation issue here again. All forms of the verb A FI (to be) that begin with E, as well as all subject pronouns that begin in E deviate from the pronunciation norms and should be spoken with a [ye] at the beginning. Therefore E should sound [ye] as opposed to [eh].

This is also the case for words like EL, EA (he, she), which are pronounced [yel], [ya], or other forms of the verb A FI (to be) in present or imperfect such as ESTE [yes-teh], EȘTI [yesht], ERA [yeh-rah], etc.


I tried with "Do I have to buy it" which is a perfectly acceptable translation and it marked it as wrong. It's not wrong at all.

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