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  5. "E necesar să îl cumpăr?"

"E necesar îl cumpăr?"

Translation:Is it necessary to buy it?

March 27, 2017



I disagree with the English translation because it does not convey for whom it might be necessary. I believe it should be "is it necessary for me to buy it" or much more naturally "do I have to/should I/must I buy it?".


Your reasoning is correct.


"Is it necessary that i buy it?" is also accepted.


The English sentence is fine, as "who for" would be clear from context, "we, our company", etc.


Disagreed. By definition with Duolingo sentences, you do not know the context, which forces you to be very strict in the translation. It’s a design choice and is fine as such but the translations must be consistent with this choice.


I take your point, to a certain extent, but to me the meaning is pretty clear here. However, this time I tried "Do I need to buy it", which was accepted.

Incidentally, would the same go for this one, also translated with the infinitive? "Tu crezi că e necesar să ai un telefon?"


buy him ? who is him ? a human ?


"îl" can mean "it" or "him". In this case, it's more likely to mean "it" (depending on the context, of course: it could be a sentence used in a place or time where slavery exists).


I tried with "Do I have to buy it" which is a perfectly acceptable translation and it marked it as wrong. It's not wrong at all.


Pronunciation issue here again. All forms of the verb A FI (to be) that begin with E, as well as all subject pronouns that begin in E deviate from the pronunciation norms and should be spoken with a [ye] at the beginning. Therefore E should sound [ye] as opposed to [eh].

This is also the case for words like EL, EA (he, she), which are pronounced [yel], [ya], or other forms of the verb A FI (to be) in present or imperfect such as ESTE [yes-teh], EȘTI [yesht], ERA [yeh-rah], etc.

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