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Certificaciones - Certifications

Does someone knows if Doulingo gives some type of title or certificate when you complete a language?

Sabe alguien si Duolingo da certificados o titulos al terminar un idioma?

March 12, 2014



Duolingo doesn't (currently) offer any type of official certificate indicating that you have completed a course. What you can do is pay 25 lingots to take a 'certification test', but it is clearly labeled as 'identity not verified'. To see a sample of this certificate, go to the lingot store (click on the red ruby in your task bar) and click see example in the certificate section.


You can as wazzie mentioned to a certification test. We're have a certification project that we're working on too. We'll keep you updated on this!


But where's the certificate once you passed it?


Go to your name in the toolbar (or your profile picture) and select Your Certificates

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