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  5. "Komikeren fortalte vitser."

"Komikeren fortalte vitser."

Translation:The comedian told jokes.

March 27, 2017



'Made jokes' is wrong? Is that my denglish again?


You can make jokes in English, but it is a slightly different context. You can "make a joke of something", which is similar in context to "make fun of something". In this case however, the comedian is "telling a joke", in a similar context to "telling a story". :)


"Making jokes" and "telling jokes" seem interchangeable to me, a native Anglophone. Obviously distinct from "making a joke out of sth." But "fortalte" means told so that's the way to translate it. I tend to prefer literal translations unless they would be completely incomprehensible, and clearly "told jokes" isn't


Vitser sounds like vicc in hungarian :)


Cognate with English "wit"

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