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Roadmap for other languages?

This is a great service. Can you share your plans for adding other languages, like Korean? Also, is there a way for the community to get involved to help you build support for other languages more quickly?

June 22, 2012



I'd love to see them add endangered languages, especially one with a decent web presence, like Irish or Welsh. I'd even be willing to put in time working on Irish for the purposes of the site. It's such a great approach to learning languages.


It could be great if the community could participate in building the catalog of languages. Why not tap the knowledge of the community to add languages that Duolingo doesn't have the time to? A model similar to Wikipedia's could be followed. Allow individuals to contribute and the community to ensure accuracy.


Not sure what language will be next but I suspect it will be one that uses english characters like italian.


I'd also like to know if there's any plans for ideographical languages, though I expect they'd be in the far future. (Unless romanized versions could be offered for speech-only learning?)


That's exactly the sort of thing I had in mind, msebetich.

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