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n'en revient pas

I understand that the phrase "n'en revient pas" means smth like not being able to get over something. Now in the sentence, "je constate avec plaisir qu'on en revient aux bijoux de rêve", is "en revient" used in the figure of speech meaning as above or does revient has the natural meaning there. Also if latter is the case, what noun is "en" replacing? How exactly does that sentence translate to english.

Any response is appreciated

February 26, 2013



"Je n'en reviens pas" (litt.: I am not coming back from there) menas I have been so surprised that it is as if I had been taken to another place and cannot come back to the real world. Therefore, "en" means "there" because verb "revenir de" means "come back from", and the place you are coming from is not explicitly mentioned.

Now, the sentence "on en revient à" means "we are coming back to". "En" has no specific role and does not replace anything. You could as well say "je constate avec plaisir qu'on revient aux bijoux de rêve". In English: "get back to" ;"come back to" or "come down to", depending on context.


Thanks for the clarification, mate. One more question, Can I replace "en" with "y" here since it means "there"?


yes you can but with a different meaning:

  • j'ai déjà parlé des oiseaux ; maintenant j'y reviens.

construction: revenir à (come back to) vs revenir de (come back from)

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