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Finished Esperanto Tree

So excited I finally finished my Esperanto tree. I started it in December (3 months ago). I've wanted to learn this language since I first heard of it two years ago. When I was mid-way through the tree I was wondering if it was worth it to continue. It felt like a mix between spanish and english (spanglish), which I wasn't a fan of. I could figure out most words because of this. But I continued through and got less annoyed with more foreign words. So next i'd like to go over my tree two more times/strengthen bar. I also plan on using lernu (which is very nice and interactive) and watch more Evildea videos on youtube. The crazy thing about Esperanto is that I can already understand so much reading from texts and from speakers. It's such an easy language and my progress in Esperanto compared to Spanish has been at least 7x faster. I also plan to attend an Esperanto meetup in my city and put Esperanto on my resume (once i'm conversational). Thanks Duolingo community. Esperanto is such a cool language.

If you are finished with your tree as well check out "afterduolingo.com".

March 27, 2017



Congrats! I see you're also studying Spanish. You could try the Esperanto for Spanish speakers tree. You might find it useful.


Congrats on your achievement!!!


I'm not the only one annoyed by the lack of foreign-sounding words! I thought I was the only one!

I had a similar experience, having started Esperanto after studying French, and I, too, found the mostly familiar words to be annoying. They made the language feel as though it didn't have its own identity. Some were false cognates, making it hard recognize when a word was actually a new concept. And worst of all, the ones that were cognates were easily forgotten, because they didn't engage my brain at all. I still can't remember the months and days very well, because they're all just French. This is fine when reading or listening (or doing Duolingo), but when speaking or writing, I sometimes have to look them up! At some point, I'm just going to have to make flashcards and drill them until I get them. But, that's my problem...

Gratulon pro via sukceso!


Exactly. I agree completely, I wish more words had their own identity as well. You're not alone. Thanks for responding.



But put it on your resume now. You can call it a basic proficiency in the language and not feel like your lying. It's a great conversation piece.


Ok, i'll put it on that way. Dankon!


There was a pretty good Evildea video about that recently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3GfE_WgpjE


congrats on finishing the Esperanto tree mate!


Don't forget Lernu kun Logano.


kio estas logano. mi nur scias lernu kaj mi uzas gin. - Wow, can't believe I put that sentence together.


Logano estas lia filo. Kaj Lernu kun Logano estas reta filmetaro sur YouTube. Li insturas Esperanton al Logano dum la filmetoj. salivanto estas Tomaso, la viro kun barbo.



Dankon. Mi satas gin.


Mi ankaĆ­ estas fininta kurson de Esperanto je Marzo 28, 2017. Ni nun estas gefratoj de la Internacia Lingvo!


jes, ni estas! gratulojn ankau!


Well done!




Congratulations! Esperanto is indeed a fascinating language. It's appealing the idea of how fast you can learn it. I wish you good studies! :)


It is indeed. Dankon.

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