Can't access courses on desktop?

Hi there!

I started my account and all my current courses on the mobile app, yet when I go onto the desktop version the site refuses to load - I can access the "discussion" section, yet trying to load any of my trees just shows a blank page, with the only content being the blue bar at the top with only "Home" and "Discussion" being shown - I can't see my streak, lingots, notifications or even the dropdown menu to reach my profile. This only returns when I go onto the "Discussion" tab, but any attempt to go home just brings me back to the blank screen.

I'm sure this is just an issue with my account, as I've logged in with a different account and not experienced the same problem. The only difference between these accounts is that the other one I tested was both made and used exclusively on desktop, whereas the current one was made and used on the mobile app.

Does anybody know if there's a workaround/fix for this? Thank you!

Edit: Seemingly, my settings page is goofed up as well. Going onto account settings shows all the fields as completely blank (not the case on the other test account), and I can't click on any of the other settings (Learning language, sound, coach). The bar is also the same way as described above. When I try to access those links, though, "Learning language" brings me to a completely blank page (no bar or anything), and "Sound" and "Coach" bring up the correct page but, all the fields are blank. This is really frustrating, so if anybody could help me out here, that'd be great!

Additionally, I should mention that I'm using the Android app - so as far as I'm aware I'm not a part of some weird A/B test.

March 28, 2017


Hmmm... That's really weird. Have you tried all the normal stuff, like restarting the browser, using a different browser, closing out other tabs, rebooting the computer, etc? Other than that, I'm not really sure what to tell you, other than to try submitting a bug report here:

March 28, 2017

Yep, tried all that. I've sent a bug report - thank you!

March 29, 2017
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