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"Ik zal jou laten zien wat jij moet doen."

Vertaling:I will show you what to do.

March 12, 2014

7 opmerkingen


wy is this wrong

I will show you what you should do.


I will show you what you will have to do.

Niet geaccepteerd.



Why is "I'll show you what you need to do" wrong?


I suppose it's not wrong as such - rather a bit longer than required.

Do note that for such improvements it's best to use the 'meld een probleem'-button; e.g. see https://www.duolingo.com/comment/1386095 :)


The difference between "need to", "have to" and "must" is rather subtle in English I seem to remember. It is a subtlety we don't really have in Dutch. I think they all should be considered right. But you should just report it.


Jou laten zien means Let you see. You can let someone see something without showing them.


I will show you what you '' had " to do. Had = moet??

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