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  5. "Unaosha vyombo?"

"Unaosha vyombo?"

Translation:Are you washing the dishes?

March 28, 2017



Is "Do you wash dishes?" an acceptable translation? why/why not?

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I think it should be correct. If it was marked wrong, report it


What is the difference between vyombo and sahani? Is sahani an actual plate you eat off and vyombo like a serving plate?


Vyombo is dishes. Sahani is (the) plate.


When i think of washing the dishes, I think off pots,pans,plates and cups. Google translate says vyombo - containers, although google translate isnt the most trustworthy.


Wiktionary has "a dish more generally (like plates or pots)" as one of the definitions for chombo, the singular form of vyombo.


It is proper form. Both kind of answers should be accepted by my opinion.


I know it's not a literal translation of dishes but I would imagine this is like saying "are you washing up" with vyombo (in this context) meaning a general term for things that are washed in a sink. Is this right?


Many people in Tanzania and Kenya do not wash up in a sink. However, yes this could include dishes as well as pots and cups, etc.


how are dishes washed? In Bali, they have 3 sinks together that i think are mcuh more efficient than what we have in the US


Why can't I say cleaning the dishes?


So basically what logically makes sense is Unafua right? Well that means "you bleed" for some reason. "You clean" is safi, as in "kusafisha" so "you are cleaning/washing the dishes" is "unaosha vyombo"


What is the difference between "cleaning" and "washing"? It said "cleaning" was wrong, but in English it is interchangeable with "washing". I think either should be accepted unless there is an important distinction between the two in Swahili that I am not familiar with.


If you're trying to say unafua, it's a completely different word when you transliterate. Cleaning and washing are interchangeable in this instance where they both are reffered to as "kusafisha"

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