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"What are girls doing at the post office?"

Translation:Що дівчата роблять на пошті?

March 28, 2017



Why дівчини is wrong?!


Why is дівчинки wrong?


leaving a comment to follow this question


I think this should be 'what are THE girls doing at the Post Office?' Omitting the 'the' sounds odd - as if all girls are doing something at the Post Office!

[deactivated user]

    "What are girls doing at the post office?" - This is about girls in general. Girls aren't allowed in the post office. Why are they here?

    "What are the girls doing at the post office?" - This is seems to be what is intended.


    Can someone please explain the difference between у or в and на?


    I'm afraid it just has to be remembered. На пошті, на вокзалі, на роботі, на вулиці, на площі, but у школі, в кімнаті, в будинку, в садку, в парку, в автобусі, в університеті.


    Ok, thanks for the reply, I guess I am going to learn all of them one by one.

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