"Thức ăn"

Translation:The food

March 28, 2017



Is this specific to Southern Vietnam (as opposed to do an?) I wish that Duolingo would specify stuff that's specific to Southern Vietnam somehow

September 24, 2017


What does thức mean in this context?

March 28, 2017


"thức" has some meanings: mood, to stay up, to stay awake,... But in this context, you cannot divide it into two parts "thức" and "ăn", "thức ăn" is a compound noun. "Thức ăn" means "food" (the general) and means "the food" (the specific)

March 28, 2017


It marks food or even clothing. (e.g. thức ăn, thức mặc). The general definition is any raw or cooked plants or meat. Đồ ăn can mean food and thực phẩm means food products.

March 31, 2017
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