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I have had two students finish all levels this year.. what next?

I have an incentive for the top finishers in each class and at the end of the year I will hand out awards.. gift certificates and small prize to top 3. Students use duolingo when they finish something early or after test or during any down time.. I love using it then they always have something to better themselves..plus they like it. What do I do or can I do now that I have 2 finished? Tracy

March 28, 2017



Duolingo shows us what we need to revise by turning the skills back to their original colour, so I'd recommend your students to keep the tree gold for a while.

If the tree is already gold, and has been for a while, it's time to start looking for books to read, people to speak to, etc.


Since Immersion has been deactivated at this point, perhaps have them start going down the reverse tree! =D


The reverse tree, the course English for Spanish speakers, is very useful. There you have to translate much more from English to Spanish.
Here is the link to the Duolingo Help center for "How can I learn multiple languages at the same time?"

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