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Exercises without the possibility to hear sound.

It's not possible to complete the exercises without being able to hear the audio parts, where you have to translate something after playback.

Now my other computer has sound output but how would deaf people cope with this?

March 20, 2012



I'm profoundly Deaf and I've been penalized for not being able to hear the recordings. There should be an option for Deaf users - disable the listening activities just as you can switch off the speaking element.


Someone asked a similar question earlier, and my comment then was that it's an obvious accessibility issue and may be one of the reasons Duolingo is still in beta.


I second that notion. Not only that, but HTML5 Audio is still poorly implemented on most web browsers :/ ! I do not like Flash one bit, but there should be a fallback (I can't hear anything with any web browsers while i'm running linux).


If you click on your name in the upper right corner and click Settings, you can turn off the microphone, speakers, and voice autoplay, and I'm pretty sure that will stop you from getting transcription questions, as well.


I'm HOH/Deaf and haven't figured out how to work with Duolingo. :(


It was possible to do the exercises without sound. Switching off the microphone and the voice playback, the exercises which were spoken and you had to listen and then write what they said, those were written instead and you just had to translate. However, Duo on the app/phone version seems to have reverted to the original despite the settings on one's computer. The latest update did that. PLEASE change it back!


There are at least three completely different apps for the major platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone). E.g. the Windows Phone app still uses the old system with three hearts but the Android app has been updated to the new system where the wrong answers are repeated at the end until you got them all right once. So you really need to indicate what kind of mobile phone you are using.

I am using the Android and Windows Phone apps without sound, and I am not seeing any issues.

Also, have you looked in your apps settings? In the Android app, you can set Speaking exercises and Listening exercises to off under Settings -> Accessibility. In the Windows Phone app it's the same except it doesn't have speaking exercises anyway. Maybe your settings were reset and they are now application-specific.


android ice-cream sandwich. I just tried again after changing and re-saving all my settings on the PC (they were switched off). And still it asks me to listen to something I cannot hear.... in the end I had to write down the answer and then copy it into the box hoping it was the right one. So no the settings were not reset but the with the latest update they are being overridden on the phone app.

I will look for the settings in the phone now. Found it! Hope that works. prays


It works! It works! THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have restored my good humour for the day.. here have some lingots :D

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