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System says that my status update isn't in spanish.....and I swear it is!

Tried to update my stream with "mis tomates son rojos!" - "my tomatoes are red".....the tomatoes in my garden are starting to turn red finally and I wanted to celebrate! - but the system tells me that that phrase is not in Spanish.

Did I miss something? scratching head Is my spanish off?

June 22, 2012



It could be because you're missing the opening exclamation mark--a unique feature of Spanish. Try "¡Mis tomates son rojos!" or better still, "¡Mis tomates están rojos!"


Hmmmm....Well, "¡Mis tomates están rojos!" posted but "¡Mis tomates son rojos!" did not. That is just strange! Thanks for the suggestion.


I don't know if they are so demanding that they will reject "¡Mis tomates son rojos!", but "¡Mis tomates están rojos!" is actually the way to go if you mean they just turned red. With "ser" and "estar", always keep in mind that "ser" tends to be used for more lasting or permanent qualities ("El mar es grande") while "estar" is used for more transient or temporary conditions or qualities ("El mar está revuelto"). In the case of "¡Mis tomates son rojos!", this sentence would only be correct in Spanish in situations where you need to distinguish your tomatoes from someone else's. For example, "¡Mis tomates son rojos, los de José son verdes y los de María son amarillos!"


This has happened to me too- even when ive just typed a simple spanish word in tne status section. Must be a bug.

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