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Problems with the sound

The sound in the practices was working fine earlier today but has now cut out entirely. This means I can't complete any more of the exercises as there aren't enough lives to let you complete the section without the purely listening questions.

I looked on the help page and have tried everything they suggested. The sound is definitely working on my laptop and I have tried restarting the computer, the page and the browser. Any one else had this problem and any other suggestions?

June 22, 2012



Sound keeps working fine for a couple of exercises, then suddenly disappears, forcing me to refresh the browser and restart the current exercise. I am using Chrome


Sound has never worked for me.


I installed Google Chrome and got sound working but I rather use Firefox.


I traced the problem I had to me using a flashblock plugin in Firefox. I just added duolingo.com to the white list. But the odd thing is I should have got an icon telling me there was flash content I could accept.

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