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  5. "He does not eat red soup."

"He does not eat red soup."

Translation:Er isst keine rote Suppe.

February 26, 2013



I translated it as: "Er isst nicht rote Suppe." How was I incorrect?


Quick rule that Duolingo taught me. Negative sentence with no noun or noun with definite article -> nicht; negative sentence where the noun has indefinite article or no article -> kein.

I've been told that germans will understand you if you get this wrong but it will sound like "foreinger's German" HTH


But I got this correct saying "Er isst rote Suppe nicht". Can you help me explain that?


Both "Er isst rote Suppe nicht" and "Er isst keine rote Suppe" are correct, "Er isst nicht rote Suppe" is wrong just because of the word order (position of "nicht").


Vielen Dank, Yamarrin!


Yeah I don't get this either. Can someone explain? Would it sound strange to a german ear or something?


I'm not a native speaker, but yeah, I think it would, somehow like instead of saying "He does not eat red soup" you would say "He does eat red soup not". I guess he would probably understand what you mean, though.


Earlier i had a sentence, "Mit einem grünen Kleid." Now here, they said in a discussion below that, einem provides the information of the gender/nature of Kleid and hence, Grün doesn't need to and by some rule, grünen will have an "en" ending. I tried to apply a similar law here and put, "Er isst keine rot Suppe" can anyone explain with Grammar rules, why is this wrong?


This is a problem with the previous advice being incomplete. The "-en" guide only applies to adjectiver endings that are: dative, genitive, masculine&accusative and all plurals while a different rule applies to the other combinations. Personally I don't find that any easier to remember than just learning the 3 adjective ending tables (and spotting the patterns in them). It is tedious but if you want to write German well you need to know it.

Luckily when speaking or hearing German the adjective endings are low down on the list of priorities.


Well i try speaking like i am writing, so i'll memorize :) Danke!

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