March 29, 2017



Like Italian zanzara.


It's cause they are Romance Languages.


Yes, I know that they are Romanic languages; but in Spanish, it is mosquito, in French, it is moustique. By the way, English mosquito is a raw Spanish loanword.


Maybe they all come from the same Indo-European root, that's why it sound the same in many other roots like Germanic or Romance.


Having grown up speaking Spanish, mosquito refers to a small fly (like a gnat, maybe?) from the mosca for fly and -ito as a diminutive. What we call mosquitoes in english has always been zancudo. I wonder where the roots from these words come from.


In Spain, the word for mosquito has always been mosquito and nobody calls them zancudos, so it's most likely a regionalism. What variant of Spanish do you speak?


well, if Chibirexy calls a mosquito ¨"zancudo"¨it´is certainly because he is a Latino from birth. I personaly live in Ecuador and Peru since 1992 and I speak castellano since I was 18( I am 78 now) The Peruvians call the mosquitos "zancudos" .


I'm from Peru, "zancudo" and "mosquito" are different, the first one has longer legs and longer mouth and the latter is a little thing (like a tiny fly) that bites as well. Though according to the RAE dictionary, both are the same :(


Ecuadorian here, always call mosquito "mosquito" like in Spain. "Zancudo" is an alternative word, but rarer.


I am from Peru, just as nahuatl1939 has surmised :)


Hey! I'm from Perú too, what a coincidence.


bueno un saludo cordial a ambos. Vivo en Pucallpa desde hace 3 anios, pero vivo también en Guayaquil. desde 1992. Voy y vengo. Soy Suizo de idioma francés. Tengo 77 anios. Soy economista. Mi laptop no tiene la tilde para la n.por eso escribo anios ! una pregunta :Uds pueden imprimir los cursos de DUO ? yo podía hacerlo hasta hace 2 días y de repente, imposible !! porque sera ? Gracias.


Yo nací en el Perú y he vivido en Canadá desde que era una niña pequeña. No sabía que se podía imprimir cursos de Duo. :(


en que region de Canada ? Ud habla francés también ?aquí en el hotel tenemos bastante Canadienses, muchos son del Quebec y encantados de poder hablar francés conmigo y yo encantado de poder hablar mi idioma con ellos tambien.


In English we refer to the very tiny mosquito type flies as midges ('mee - jez). Thankfully we have very few proper mosquitos!


Hola a todos. En Guatemala, también les decimos Zancudos a los mosquitos.

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