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"Ingineria pune teoria în practică."

Translation:Engineering puts theory into practice.

March 29, 2017



why is it not "engineering puts THE theory into practice"? "teoria" e hotarat, nu?


Because English allows zero article nouns without making them indefinite.

This makes literal translation to Romanian articles not perfect.

Look up zero article in English


yes but it is possible that we're talking about a specific theory here, right? Let's say that I'm taking about the theory of fluid dynamics, and then I want to say 'Engineering puts the theory into practice'. Then this is how I would say it in Romanian, right? So shouldn't that be accepted as an answer as well?


If the question stated "această teorie", it would mean "this theory", or "teoria", speaking about a certain theory, where "the theory" would work. However, it seems that this is a global concept, so a zero article would apply.


Teoria = the theory. Teorie = theory. Zero article is basically a point grabber. În traducere liberă: DL umbla cu cioara vopsită!! Și e frustrant.

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