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So, you completed the course! ...But you don't know anyone who speaks the language. Look no further!

This Facebook group may help you get in contact with people who are willing to speak their native (or well-learned) language with you! https://www.facebook.com/groups/120116145193422/

Please join, let's get this community up and running!

March 29, 2017



...Ok. Well, FB and google are tools. Most tools can either kill a person or fix things. I choose to see this as the latter, rather than the opposite. Your views are a bit odd, but I wish you all the best as well.



tool or an agent is the question that will soon be in the courts

I understand your view

but uneasy over the power and influence

still I wish you all the best with your group



Looks like the downvote fairies were here, for some reason. I have to say, it's strange to start out with 16 upvotes and then, the day after - for no discernible reason - there are only four points left.

I'm curious, what did you people hate?

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