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  5. "Je marche jusqu'à lui."

"Je marche jusqu'à lui."

Translation:I walk all the way to him.

February 26, 2013



"I walk to her" is incorrect. I dont think so.


Only when lui is used as an indirect object pronoun can it mean him or her. e.g. "Je lui donne le livre." -> I give him/her the book.

Otherwise, lui always means him, and elle always means her. e.g. "Je marche jusqu'à lui." -> I walk to him. "Je marche jusqu'à elle." -> I walk to her.


What is the difference between jusqu'a and jusque?


"Jusque" means "until", "to", but usually, you don´t use that word alone but with another preposition: à, that´s why you have "jusqu'à" (a contraction of jusque + à).

"Jusque" can be used before "assez", "aussi", "fort", "bien", "si", "très" but it's mostly used in literature. In ordinary French "jusqu'à" is commonly used.


Why is "I walk to her" incorrect?


I wrote "I walk all the way to him". Should that have been correct? (I probably wrote it because of a vague memory of the jusque chez nous sentence).


Why is "I walk towards him" wrong?


"vers" = "towards"

  • Je marche vers elle = I walk towards her.
  • Je marche vers lui = I walk towards him.


Great, thanks!


I wonder that too...


Still no answer as to why "I walk to her" is incorrect? Trying to not pull out my hair!


I'm going to suggest that it is because jusqu'a doesn't mean "to", it means "up to" or "until" and not in the sense that "I walk up to you and slap you in the face" but rather "I walk up to the end of the road and turn around." If you were to say "I walk to her" I believe you'd say "Je marche à elle"

But I could be wrong


Well the correct answer was "I walk to him" so I guess the "I walk to" part was correct. I was more questioning why "lui" could not have also meant "her" since it is one of the hover hints.

[deactivated user]

    Its because here you need to use the stressed pronoun, not the indirect pronoun, so, for 'her' it should be 'elle'.

    Hope this helps: http://french.about.com/od/grammar/a/pronouns.htm


    I also got this wrong with "I walk all the way to him," any thoughts on why?


    I was wondering the same thing given that "Il marche jusqu'à chez elle" was shown to be "He walks all the way to her house." Perhaps it only has that meaning in combination with "chez"?


    shouldn't it be je marche vers lui?


    Does anyone else have a problem with how the Robot Lady pronounces "jusque"? It seems like she is stuttering when she says it because it always sound like "jujusque" to me.


    In English I feel as if "I walk to him," and "I walk up to him," have slightly different meanings/implications. Is this similar in French, or is this preposition used for both meanings?

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