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"Eu cozinho para a comunidade."

Translation:I cook for the community.

March 12, 2014



Why not "pela comunidade"?


Pela can take several meanings.

  • I cook on behalf of the community
  • I cook for (the good of) the community (this is your answer)
  • I cook by/through/around the community

Now para is straight, no doubts: I cook (and give it to) for the community


Many thanks. I was sure that the relationship between por and para in Portuguese would be about the same as it is in Spanish, but I was surprised when Duolingo disagreed with me.


Notice that it's different, though.

Para is a direct destiantion of the food.
Por , in this specific case, is an indirect destination. You probably cook "because of" the community or "for the good" of the community. You can force these meanings to end up the way you want, but I really think it's not a good idea to rely on "por", because in general it's completely different from "para".


"Pela comunidade" means "by the community"


Why I cannot use "to" instead "for"?


That would only work in, "I cook food and give it to the community."


is comunidade a quality as well?


No, it is a feminine noun. "Comunitário" (communal, collective, shared) is an adjective,


In reference to comunidade, any tips on knowing which d to pronounce as a "dj"sound? Are the common rules to this, or is it just memorization?


"for the group" is not accepted. Does community mean all of society, or a local set of neighbors, or both?


"Comunidade" has the same meaning in English: a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

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