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  5. "Η αυλή έχει κήπο."

"Η αυλή έχει κήπο."

Translation:The yard has a garden.

March 29, 2017



"Yard" is being used in the American English way. In British English "garden" is used, and yard refers to an industrious for storage or working


Well, this is one of those uncomfortable translations. A garden is not synonymous to a yard in English, just like κήπος (garden) and αυλή (yard) are not synonymous in Greek. Αυλή might not be a garden (which is typically a place where flowers or plants grow), it might be just a school yard, or, as you've said, some sort of industrious. I see your point, but since these terms are differently used in AE and BE, we have to compromise with the one translation that corresponds to Greek best, and will cause less confusion. :/


I'm not sure why the indefinite article is omitted here. I seem to recall that it's optional after the verbs είμαι and έχω. Is that right?


    Please see spdl79's comments here and here, I think he gives a very good explanation of how this works.


    Thanks. So as far I understand it now the yard isn’t likely to have two gardens so you wouldn’t need an article.

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    Yes! That's completely right. You generally only need to use indefinite articles if you really need to define the quantity of something as being one. In cases where there can't be much confusion over quantity - έχω μητέρα, for example - you can just ditch them. A yard is unlikely to have two gardens, so it can be omitted here.

    It's unlikely that you'd need to use indefinites with είμαι very often, as you're very unlikely to be two of something, although I guess there are some circumstances where you might need to use it.

    On the other hand, you would often use them with έχω - eg έχω μία δουλειά or έχω ένα αυτοκίνητο or έχω έναν σκύλο - as you could conceivably have two or more jobs, or multiple cars, or multiple dogs.


    In normal speed she is saying: η αυλήα. I know it's not a word - but still.

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