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Share your story for a chance to be featured in a UK women's magazine!

Hello, I'm Michaela from Duolingo's PR team!

We love showcasing our users and the amazing things you accomplish, and a major UK women's magazine is looking to do exactly that.

If you live in the UK and would like to be considered for this article, please share your language-learning story below!

March 29, 2017



I am conducting a personal protest against Brexit by working my way through the challenge of learning to understand all the European Languages. I wonder if they would print that? So far I can understand six well, another four quite well and a few more are getting there. Not that I want to be in a magazine.

March 30, 2017


Even the sort of mag that prints this sort of fluff would take that and run with it given the chance.


I completed my German tree and I am completing my French tree. I love both languages. There is nothing you can do to change Brexit now. People VOTED to leave the EU and if you are going against that, that is not democratic. I recently went to Austria, where a good few of the Austrians I spoke to were not impressed with the EU and felt they were not benefiting from it at all, interestingly enough.


Then again, Scotland voted to remain, Northern Ireland voted remain, London voted remain, Gibraltar voted to remain. Democracy doesn't count for them I suppose?


About one third of the electorate voted to Leave, based on promises that have been broken. 1. Promised money to the NHS, reality, more money cut from the NHS. 2. Leave politicians are on record saying we would NOT leave the single market, our unelected Prime Minister now says we are leaving the single market. 3. Promised a reduction in immigration, the latest announcement from our government is that immigration will not be reduced after all.

I could go on, but when the electorate have been lied to, to say that it is undemocratic to point out that now NO ONE, Leavers or Remainers, are going to get what they voted for is facile. That is not democracy. All the goal-posts have been moved, everyone in the UK is going to be made poorer, and somehow, now the people have no right to complain?


What part of a 'personal protest' don't you understand?


It I absolutetl democratic to protest the result of this vote. the margin was less than 1%. This is not a general elevtion where people get to change their minds eveyr 4 years or so if things go awry. This was a vote to remove EU citizenship from everyone, even those who couldn't vote. Of course people who voted to remain are goignt o protest. We don't just stay quiet and let the opposition get on with it for 4 years at a time... why oj earth would anyone do that fo romethign as he as this?


Very interesting – thank you for sharing! Separately from this magazine story, we would love to learn more. If you're willing to chat offline, feel free to email us at press@duolingo.com.


Email is offline?


She just means not in a public thread.


Wow! That's very impressive! I see that you're learning Esperanto, which I like.


Good for you bookrabbit. That's a wonderful thing to do. Please accept my lingot.


I was not good particularly good at languages at school and my mild dyslexia adds a few issues into the mix which can make it even more challenging.

With duolingo i found a non judgemental, infinitely patient virtual teacher and really got the language learning bug.

I had some sucess with the spanish tree so when my health got worse and i had to go on sick leave for a year i challenged myself to see how much i could do in a month - I chose esperanto which had recently been released because it was short and simple and interesting as a concept.

I finished the whole tree in less than a month, got quite good with the language and became a part of a really welcoming community of language learners - I now communicate with people from all round the world.

I love Esperanto and i love learning languages with duolingo- three trees down, three more being studied slowly but surely and I have just started Swahili and applied to alpha test the proposed japanese for english speakers course.

Better than just sitting on the sofa!


Thank you for sharing your story! We're so glad you have enjoyed using Duolingo, and would love to hear more. Could you send us a note to press@duolingo.com?


Sure, i just sent you an email.


Yo, where do I apply to test Japanese? Also, good luck with your future endeavours!


Look on the sticky threads by admins - there was a notice less than a week ago for alpha testers- must be using ios devices though.


True even though I am at school right now I still have time to do duolingo on my computer at school.


I'm going to use several languages in my reply to you.

¿Le gusta el español?

Mi ŝatas, ke vi ŝatas Esperanton.

Unapenda Kiswahili?


Though I am a British National (working in the UK) I am anticipating that I will lose my job because of Brexit. Since part of my job is research designed to help children in pain, or people in palliative care (dying of cancer and the like) seeing my research being killed off is gut wrenching. I signed up to Duolingo a month after the vote, as my best hope of completing my research will be to go to Europe, most likely Germany or Austria (who are hot on my subject.) I really threw myself into German on Duolingo, reaching level 25 in 5 months. Now I am continuing my German learning on Babbel and concentrating on getting to level 25 in French on Duolingo. My next steps will be to take the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages exams in French and German to help me in my job hunt. I will be completing my PhD in the next 2 months and then the job hunting will step up a notch. I've lived all my life in the UK, so having to uproot all I am and all I have is not something I take lightly, but Brexit leaves me with no choice. I cared for my father as he was dying of cancer, and it helped my bereavement to know that my research made his final weeks more bearable. I wanted to bring that help to others, but then Brexit happened. Either I complete my research abroad, or become unemployed and sign on.


I'm learning Italian so I can research the 18th century family history of my famous ancestor that I wrote a book about.


Very interesting - thank you for sharing! It would be great to learn more. Could you send us an email to press@duolingo.com?


I'm 60 and passionate about hillwalking and mountaineering. In the future I'd like to spend more time leading hiking groups abroad and I've recently been accepted as a future volunteer leader for Raleigh International, whose locations include Costa Rica and Nicaragua. I can get by in French, but Spanish would open up a whole new world. I'm excited by the prospect of discovering the wealth of different cultures that Spanish will enable me to access. I've been trying to learn it for a couple of years without much success, but Duolingo uses a learning method that works for me, because it presents language as a puzzle rather than a chore and it fills the after work "down time" that I used to spend on Facebook or doing Suduko. Since I discovered Duolingo I have really got the bug and have done 42 days on the trot. I finished the Spanish tree in 16 days and have done the French tree too. Now I'm working on German, which is harder, and I have just started Welsh as I think a little cultural understanding would make me a better hiking leader when I'm in the Welsh mountains. Spanish is still my priority though, and I use Duolingo to brush it up every day. I'm going to Peru for Easter and that will be the first time I'll use my new-found language to interact with people, as well as my first trip to the American continent. It's going to be a great adventure and I hope the first of many.


I lived in Costa Rica years ago and we had a wonderful and dear maid, that was more a friend than a maid. We have just found each other after 29 years. I have forgotten much of the Spanish I learned and my goal is to speak Spanish fluently this time so when I travel back to Costa Rica I can better communicate with my dear friend and her family. The Tico's are some of the dearest people I have ever met and I am so looking forward to going back to this beautiful Country.


Is this another one of those "feminism empowerment movements", that pushes an agenda that goes something along the lines of "even women can learn a foreign language!"? If so, thats actually quite sad. Do they really need to be told that? I thought such a thing is considered normal amongst both genders.


Depends on the magazine but i doubt it - more likely to be you can do something you never thought possible if only you give it a go. There are lots of stories like that in UK women's magazines


Yeah, I suppose it's a nice contrast to being daily bombarded with anorexic models (no offense to anyone with anorexia)


I don't think you offense anorexia, it's the opposite. The people who are behind this anorexic model trafic, encouraging them to lose weight to have a chance to get a job, they are the murderers in this story. And people who watch it without denouncing, and enjoy this trafic, are in collusion, even passive collusion.


If people want to implement a plan that encourages girls and women to explore fields they've historically be discouraged from, I'm on board no matter how many air quotes ya put around it. ;D


I don't think women were discouraged to learn languages, that's exactly the opposite... They were encouraged in literary fields, not in science ones.

I think women are very good at languages. But it's a generality, and generalities are always bad.


generalities are always bad......all.....the......irony.......this...is....precious.....


women technicaly are better at speech, and usually learn to speak earlier. of course they can learn a foreign language.


It's from an entire magazine aimed at women in the UK. Maybe they just figure most of their readers would be more interested if the article wasn't only about (for example) a few preteens in the US taking Duolingo because their teachers told them too.


This makes no sense.


Nothing in that approach is in women's magazines. That's a 4chan generated view of what women's magazines contain and why they exist. Here we are five days later still getting the thread hijacked by this stuff.


I think Duolingo has no political opinion, so if some people are progressive, some are conservative, it shouldn't be a problem for us.


Definitely. It only becomes a problem when people start sharing their views, since that automatically, without fail, derails threads.


I don't understand what you mean, and to who or what you say "that's a nonsense". What is a 4chan view, and what is the stuff that hijack. Sorry, please explain.


I'm pretty sure that the total human population is majority multilingual.


I want to model, and have been a model in training for about 2 months. I practice french so much because Paris is the fashion capitol of the world. If i ever become famous (like my queen, Tyra Banks) I want to start an organization to help girls of all sizes, ethnicities, and height become whatever they want to be, regardless of their dissabilities. Because I know how it feels to be defeated because of things I can't change. And nobody should have to go through that.


you just gave me hope


I am 69 years old...have always wanted to learn italian and enjoy Duolingo because it reinforces my classes so efficiently. Learning a new language at my age can be difficult - Duo lingo encourages me to do a little often - which is what I need to be a successful learner.


Duolingo is amazing. I started last year because my father challenged me to learn Swedish, because I'm a quarter Swedish! Basically I went online and searched up "Learn Swedish online free" and clicked a bunch of options. Of course, Duolingo was the only one that I seemed to be interested in, or the only one that I thought I would stick to. I started and was immediately in love. Who doesn't love the fun lessons, attractive interface and game-like lessons? I used it for a long time, sometimes not using it for periods of time. But like a magnet, Duo brought me back. I was determined to learn Swedish, and I did. I persevered and tried to do as many lessons as possible, once doing more that 100 lessons in one day (no immersion). I LOVED it. I was absolutely ADDICTED. Duolingo helped me connect to a whole quarter of myself, free and easy. I can't thank Duo enough!

French was kind of automatically the "other" language I was going to do on Duolingo. It was quite a common language, and I was not particularly attracted to the Spanish, Portuguese or Esperanto languages. I tried it a little and loved it. I'm level 23 now, and working my way up to a completely gold tree. Thank you so much Duolingo for the awesome experience! I've learned so much from you!

In Swedish, I can actually understand web-pages and blogs. As far as listening goes, I can pick up a few words, but I can't really listen to a conversation. One time my dad was looking at a hotel in Sweden, but of course the web-page was in Swedish. I translated it for him and he was shocked!

BOTTOM LINE: Duolingo is an AMAZING tool. Immersion or not, it helps you learn a language. I would recommend Duolingo for all users, 5 to 555.


Well, it was not that long ago that my friend came up to me and told me about 'this awesome website called Duolingo.'

Obviously, I had to find out about this and went onto duolingo.com.

Immediately absorbed, I started learning.

So fun, so much better than normal online websites, thank you so much, Duo the owl!


Hey! I thought I would add my perspective as a young person here! I'm learning Spanish and Greek on Duolingo and French and German in school. I really love learning languages and I am even considering doing another. I find it a really good way to connect to Europe through this harder time in the UK. I would not say that school teaches us language in the most effective way but Duolingo really makes a difference by getting a little more practise in. One day I really hope to be multilingual and to travel or volunteer abroad and use my language learning skills. I really love that my obsession with language learning has made my friends and family try it too! Since it's the holiday, I've been doing 2 hours of learning per day and I feel so great!


Hi MichaelaKron, looks like some folks are sharing their ages here. Would you consider adding a note to your post up top asking folks not to do that? Thanks! :)


I can see nothing that prohibits the sharing of ages in the Community guidelines and I have never heard of such a rule on any other forum! Older people are often put off learning new languages because they think it is going to be too difficult. It's valuable to try to act as an example to others whoever we are and whatever we are so that others can find reasons to relate to us and hopefully find new avenues. Why should age be excluded?


Hi Alison,

Thanks for asking for clarification! Duolingo is a mixed age environment and unfortunately not all younger folks have learned internet safety practices yet. If a younger person sees an older person share their age, it sets an example that sharing ages is ok here. Because of that, Duolingo has asked all folks not to share their age. Here is a screenshot of the current guidelines section that mentions age and other information not to share:

I hope this helps! :)

Edit: Sorry, that image turned out very small, you can see a bigger version Here or read the guidelines directly Here.


My best friend is Swedish, so I decided that I would learn Swedish so we could communicate in both English and Swedish. I've only been learning for a month, but Duolingo has been so useful and I can speak little bits of Swedish to my best friend now. I'm hoping that I'll be able to visit him and speak to him in complete Swedish, thanks to the Swedish course on here.


When I was younger, my Grandma always fascinated me with her fluency in Spanish. She was a translator for a local hospital where she lived, and made good money doing it. Though she wasn't a native speaker, she had learned the language, and was quite good at it. So I decided to take a Spanish class in the seventh grade, and ended up having a huge struggle with it. I have a very hard time remembering things, so even after taking Spanish classes in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grade, years later, I still felt as if I had learned nothing. Then this year, my Spanish teacher recommended Duolingo to earn Extra Credit. My grades were dropping, so I decided to go ahead and try it. I am learning more than ever before. It's amazing. It makes me feel successful, and as if am learning a lot. I definitely am. At first, though I though it didn't help at all with memorization, one day, standing in an aisle in Walmart, I picked up a conversation with a Mother and Son. I soon realized most of the words I recognized I had not learned from my several years in class, but from Duolingo. As cheeky as it seems, that was my turning point with this site, and I quickly learned to love it. <3


Duolingo is a great place to learn a language! I am not from UK- I am from Croatia but I love it! I am now learning French here and I would recommend it to everybody! Best regards to all members of Duolingo!


I always wanted to learn Spanish, and now I have to take a class. I knew it wouldn't hurt to study.


I'm only here to comment on the fact that it's interesting to know that the English even type differently than the Americans. I think it is really neat! keep on typing uniquely people!


i know English and Spanish. I love using duolingo for learning new languages in fact i would recommend it %100! So im gonna say what i wanted to now. I wanted to say that i would be honored to be in the UK magazine!!!!! I think im supposed to say some words in french cause you know im learning french! Ok so i will say a sentence bonne nuit beaucoup! that means good night thank you very much!!! Merci! Camila


I want to learn new languages to get a good job.


I learn Spanisch because my brother has a girlfriend there, so I learn her language so I can talk to her in her own language. She is also learning dutch, which is my language. I learn every language from English, because if i choose my own the only language I can practise is English. That's a bit silly. I am learing German for my intership next year in Switserland and French just for fun :)


I'm trying to learn Geman because of my german culture. I love iot so far


It is a women's magazine, so, I am guessing they are looking for stories from women in the UK?


Yes, they are. That's what it says at the top of the website.


I use Duolingo to change my job orientation, to be a translator. I think I can translate well English documents, and maybe soon documents in Indonesian, and many other languages I hope. Just saying that, I can't be featured anywhere.


Sure you can. Pick a magazine or newspaper, look at the page or masthead for a feature or lifestyle editor, send an email describing what Duolingo has done for you. Make your story interesting and show why the final feature would be of interest to the magazine or newspaper readership. Even if they don't pick the topic, it will be a good exercise in self-promotion. Good luck.


Thanks LaNina, but I'm not very interested in being featured anywhere, I am only if it can help other people. If it's only for the sake of myself, it's pointless.


Introducing Duolingo is helping people, and if you become better at what you do, that inspires others. Realizing that you gained even when you are rejected prevents discouragement.


ok also im going to move to europe now ;)


Hi, can anybody tell me what the little grey block with "sticky" written in it means? I've seen it on the titles of quite a few discussions.


It means that the discussions will remain at the top of the discussion list. They are "stuck" there, like a sticky note on the fridge reminding you to buy milk. "Sticky" discussions (threads) are used on many online forums, usually when the discussion thread is important or when it contains answers to questions commonly posed by users, so the answers are easier to find.


Vape Naysh My dudes v^


Escribí mi tercero libro en el invierno de 2004, cuando mi esposa me dejó. Me lo basé flojamente en Sherlock Holmes conmigo el escritor Watson. Sherlock era un policía escocés en el norte de Escocia en Caithness, donde yo siempre quería vivir en la vida real. Mi nombre en mis libros es Nick Ramos y la mujer de policía es llamada Inspectora Homes. Me gusta Inspectora Homes y tenemos seis casos juntos. Mi favorito es “El Hombre Perdido” que estaba en la mejor vende lista del “Guardian” nacional periódico por dos semanas. Aunque estarás familiar con mis detectives, Homes y Ramos, no me conocerás. Escribo bajo un nombre supuesto incluyendo mis amigos que no saben que soy un escritor del crimen. Ni siquiera los periódicos me conocen. Me gusta así. Mi ambición es ganar el premio “Gold Dagger” por una novela crimen. Escribo en un dormitorio de mi apartamento que nadie entra y es como una cuarto secreta. El tema del mi primero dos libros en 2002 fue una mujer detective quien vivía en Londres. Los libros no fue un gran éxito vendiendo sólo diez a quince mil copias. Así que yo cambiado la protagonista a la policía en escocia. Detective Homes es una mujer de un pobre clase quién tuvo trabajar su camino hasta el éxito. Su éxito fue por su cerebro y la inteligencia cuál ayudó por su amigo Ramos, quien escribe sobre los casos después de cuando son resolver. Ahora tengo escribir ocho libros ese me permite vender mi apartamento pequeña afuera de Londres to compro una casa en Caithness, Escocia y también en España. Me mudé cuatro veces en España viviendo siempre en la misma área. Mi editorial equipo recibe muchas cartas de aficionados. Pasan estés a mí y yo respuesta y las mandé devolverá. Cuando era joven quería estar un jugador de fútbol. Soné de me marcar el ganando gol en un principal partido pero fue sólo después la guerra, entonces vida era diferente y estaba trabajando en una oficina dónde me quedé por muchos años. Escribiendo las novales policiaca tengo cambiado me vida. Ahora tengo dos apartamientos en dos países y vivo por unos meses en un clima bueno. Comencé aprender español porque estoy viviendo en España. Porque de mi edad tengo muchos difíciles aprender español. Pero me lo encanta. Yo paso todos los días en Duolingo para aprender español. Me dio a interés diferente a mí escribiendo. Espero que un día con Duolingo escribiré una novela en español.


¡Muy impresionante! Ahora debo obtener por lo menos uno de tus libros. Si son tan convincentes como su descripción, estoy seguro de convertirse en un gran fan.


Hola soy Coralia!


Hallo, ich bin Ira. ich leibe englisch und deustch.


I wanted to speak to my dads side of the family because they speak Spanish .(They are from El Salvador)My grandma only speaks Spanish.Also I wanted to speak to my dad in Spanish when my sister can"t.

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