"Dych chi'n gallu prynu car ar y rhyngrwyd."

Translation:You are able to buy a car on the internet.

March 29, 2017



Could someone explain the origin of the Welsh word for internet? Are 'rhyn' and 'grwyd' two words compounded to provide the concept of the internet? I just want to know how the word breaks down or where it came from.

March 29, 2017


The two words are:

  • rhwng - between
  • rhwyd - a net

rhwng has changed to rhyng- (inter-) as the first psrt of the compound noun, a sort of vowel mutation, if you like.

rhwyd has been soft mutated to -rwyd, which is very common with the second part of a compound noun such as this.

March 30, 2017

  • 1535

This is how it works :- 'Rhwng' = the prefix inter- and 'Rhwyd' = net

When they are combined 'Rhwng' changes to 'Rhyng' and 'Rhwyd' changes to 'Rwyd'

Thus 'rhyngrwyd'.

Although in Welsh in general speech, especially in schools, we tend to use the correct term 'Y We' (the Web - the bit users interact with) rather than the incorrect one technically 'Y Rhyngrwyd' (The internet - which is just the physical parts - the computers, routers etc)

March 30, 2017
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