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"Mia figlia è solo una bambina."

Translation:My daughter is only a baby.

March 12, 2014



How would you say my daughter is an only child


I believe you would say, "Mia figlia è figlio unico," despite the fact figlio unico is masculine; I think that's just the expression for it. However, I'm not entirely certain, so any corrections would be greatly appreciated!


For what it's worth, Google translates "only daughter" as figlia unica". I too would like confirmation though.


That is incorrect. "Mia figlia é figlia unica" is the correct sentence.


the solution I got is 'My daughter is only 1 child.' I think this one makes no sense.


I got this correction too. I think that Duolingo often puts the number 1 where the letter 'a' should be. Therefore, the answer becomes ' My daughter is only a child'. (Dec 2017)


So "My daughter is only a baby" is correct, "My daughter is just a child" is correct, but "My daughter is just a kid" is not. Why?


It is colloquial, but otherwise correct of course. Duo often does not allow colloquialisms but I do not know if it is hard and fast rule.


the def. of bambina is child although it could also mean baby. So another acceptable translation could be: My daughter is just a little child or even a little girl.


I would like to know up until what age is a girl normally called "una bambina"? When does she become "una ragazzina" and then "una ragazza" or "una fanciulla"?


When I was at Milan University 40 years ago the more attractive students were still "bambine" (no PC in those days!).

In general a "bambino/a" was an infant or little child and became a "ragazzo/a" about the time of leaving primary school. "Fanciulla" I only ever saw in literary texts and we generally translated it as "damsel". I am uncertain why D/L keeps wanting "baby" for "bambino/a" as these were always described as "neonato/a".

Please bear in mind that these comments refer to Milanese usage from 40 years ago and may have changed since then or be different elsewhere in Italy!


Thank you! So I guess a ragazzina isn't a different age but just a cute ragazza?


Generally the -ino/a suffix means "little" and refers to size, but "cute " seems like a good translation - a ragazza of 175cms and 100kgs is hardly going to be called cute ;-)


Would ' Soltanto ' work here?


"È solo un bambino" is correct to translate as "he is just a child" but I translate "mia figlia è solo una bambina" as "my daughter is just a child" and it is marked wrong. It should be accepted. Too much inconsistency.


It should be accepted. Please report it.


Surely she's the most important thing in the world?


"My daughter is only an infant" was not accepted.


You can try to report it, but "infant" is rarely used in English and it corresponds better to "infante" in Italian.


Ditto SlickMick Novembre 2019


Why can't I say ''My girl is just a baby'' . Figlia is a female kid, right?


Because "daughter" is not equal to "girl", even though the latter may be used sometimes (as here) to express the former.


Why not 'My daughter is an only child' as a correct answer?


Because "only child" = "figlio(a) unico(a)"

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