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  5. "Tu scrii un mesaj."

"Tu scrii un mesaj."

Translation:You write a message.

March 30, 2017



What is the difference between "scriu" and "scrii". (If I spelled them right) What is the context that you would use each of them?


Scriu means I/they write, and scrii means you write. The conjugation of the verb a scrie in present indicative: I write=eu scriu, you(singular) write=tu scrii, he/she/it writes=el/ea scrie, we write=noi scriem, you(plural) write=voi scrieți, they write=ei/ele scriu.


Is there any way to remember this ? like is every thing for I (verb) ending in u? everything you (verb) ending in i? If that makes sense? Like is there a pattern or do you just have to remember each verb seperate


Me pregunto si próximamente habrá un curso de Rumano para hispanohablantes, debido a que ambos idiomas son lenguas romances y resultan ser muy similares en muchas palabras. Un ejemplo de ello es esta oración.


Sería bueno un curso para hispanohablantes


There are a few surprising similarities in Russian, like the similarity in Russian of the 1st person and 3rd plural (they) being almost the same, where as here, so far they are exactly the same. I have noticed other similarities not found in the other Romance languages to Russian. I believe they have some shared history.


Could I say "Tu scrii 'mesajul'", instead of "un mesaj"?

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