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  5. "He sings with us."

"He sings with us."

Translation:Anh ấy hát cùng chúng tôi.

March 30, 2017



thanks, that's helpful


I either don't remember or have never come across the word "ca." What does it mean?


Ca has a number of meanings. In this case it means 'to sing' which is homophonous with hát. If you pair the two as ca hát it means singing (in general). Ca can also mean a jug/pitcher or mug of liquid amongst other things like 'elder brother/older male' in words like đại ca (the boss, usually of a gang) and soái ca (handsome individual).


Well, when "ca" works as a noun, it is a mug. And when "ca" works as a verb, it means "to sing", and it is Southern dialect. If you have a chance to come to Mekong Delta, you will encounter the word "ca" in the name of a form of Southern music called "Đờn ca tài tử"


"Ca" also means "ca cải lương," but context is required.

When a Northerner says "ca," they're usually referring to "cải lương" (a kind of Southern opera vs. "hát bội" - kinda like an opera of the North).

When a Southerner says "ca," it can mean any kind of singing; hence, context is needed.


I put "đang hát" and was marked wrong. Would "đang" be translated as "He is singing… ?"


Is there a difference between "cùng " and "với " ?

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