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British/American language preference selection

I think it would be nice if we could select in our profile if we speak/write British English or American English. That way the translations which differ (e.g. "petrol" vs "gasoline" could be flagged and the alternatives could be stored, and alternative versions of the translated works could then be presented depending on the reader's preference

June 22, 2012



I think the current practice of accepting multiple versions is fine.

If you want to make the distinction, then how far down the line do you go? India has the largest population of English speakers, and some quite distinct phrasing. What about Australia, New Zealand, S. Africa, Kiripati, other commonwealth countries? The Scots, Welsh, Irish, Geordies, Doric speakers, etc., all have local variants.

It's a nice idea, but I don't see it being practical.


Or Canadian? I thought of the same thing. Luckily it allows both spellings (color/colour, etc), but it would be nice if translations filtered out the other usage. Fou = mad makes more sense to a Brit, whereas fou = crazy makes more sense to an American or Canadian.


I agree. These also include the use of 'z' versus 's' in words like "organiser/organizer".

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