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Missing words in present tense verbs-Spanis

Hi! So there are some very common verbs (go verbs) that don't seem to be present in a lot of the present verbs lessons- is there a way to add verbs into a lesson? or create a new lesson for students?

March 30, 2017



No, you cannot add vocabulary or extra lessons. Only the course creators can do that. But what do you mean by go verbs? Can you give some examples?


So my students are learning irregular yo form verbs- there are a few which have the ending -go for example- traer, salir, hacer, decir, poner, suponer, caer, and oír and the lessons only have some of those verbs. There are also some basic vocabulary that most spanish classes go over that also don't appear- such as passtimes/ hobbies/ and vacationing vocabulary. My students love this app so I want to try and use it the best I can to reinforce these topics but unfortunately I can't find lessons that encompass these.

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