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  5. "Walishuka"


Translation:They got off

March 30, 2017



The word "alight" is used in kenyan english although both alight and disembark sound quite oldfashioned in modern English.

April 14, 2017


Interesting. I a brand new game I play the use alight to instruct the player to leave a train. It's a train simulation game. I did not know the word, funny you mention it here.

September 30, 2017


I used to get trains fairly often. Always heard the friendly recorded voice saying "please mind the gap as you alight from the train".

October 24, 2017


Alight should be correct. I checked with my Kiswahili teacher (I'm Kenyan btw) ans she said its ok

December 6, 2017


Yeah, few people in countries I've been to would use these naturally, but voice recordings on public transport often use these words.

July 6, 2018


Disembark does mean the same but is more commonly used for boats and airplanes. As Graham says, it's not eally everyday speech but both disembark and alight are used sometimes in official communications.

April 26, 2017


Disembark is the same as getting off

March 30, 2017


This could also refer to "They boarded off"

December 10, 2018


This is also similar to "They dropped off"

December 10, 2018
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