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  5. "Tembeeni polepole"

"Tembeeni polepole"

Translation:Walk slowly

March 30, 2017



Was there an instruction somewhere that tells you when you have to say Y'all (do this) and when you just say (do this)? I'm getting tired of being wrong on what I think is a grammar choice and not a given.


u- is the prefix for singular you, m- for plural you; the -ni suffix is a plural marker in this case (imperative).


Arh.. its a bit frustrating that sometimes duoling wants "you all" walk and other times just "walk". Reported it many times now.


I wish that this would be updated to be more consistent, as well as grammatically correct in English. Sometimes the plural command is marked wrong if you don't include "You all", whereas other times including "You all" is marked wrong. First of all, it shouldn't be required, because it is completely unnatural for many, if not all, English speakers. Second, if it is included, it needs to have a comma after it in order to be grammatically correct. Without the comma, it's not a command in English.


Would this be plural? "Mtembeeni," as the singular command form is "tembea"?

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It is plural, but it doesn't get the m- prefix in the imperative, just like the singular version doesn't get the u- prefix.


That would be the polite command form (which I believe is not used/has not been introduced here).


The "polite command" form (subjunctive) doesn't use the -ni suffix because the plural address is made clear with m-, so this would be mtembee.


What does the word tembeeni mean.
The word kutembea is to walk. So I see some correlation but I would have thought it would have been mnatembea polepole.


It is the plural you imperative. "Mnatembea" would be "You (pl.) are walking", while this is a command, so it should be (above) "You all, walk slowly!" to make it more clear. It does come from -tembea, yes! :)


What would Mmetembea polepole be? :)


"You (pl.) have gone/walked slowly."


"Walk slowly" has to be accepted here, because there is a very high probability that is exactly what would be said in English, whether addressing a single person or a group. If Duo wants the plural it will have to indicate that by supplying context. Mwalimu aliwaambia wanafunzi: "Tembeeni polepole!"


Walk slowly instead of You all walk slowly is marked incorrect.


The -ni/-eni suffix makes the command plural. That is why Duo insists on using "You all", even though it is unnatural in English. It is so that you recognize that it is plural.

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