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  5. "Is he cleaning with soap?"

"Is he cleaning with soap?"

Translation:Anasafisha na sabuni?

March 30, 2017


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What's the difference between -osha, -safisha and -fua? Is it connected to what you are washing/cleaning or to the method being used?

April 23, 2017


Yes! :) 1) -osha (applicative from -oga) to wash (children for example; also "Umeosha vyombo?" - Have you done the dishes? as a set phrase) 2) -safisha (from safi) to clean (rooms) 3) -fua (actually from beating, also used for iron...) nguo - that is the only context in which it means "to wash" (due to the original way of doing your laundry with beating techniques)


I find it very interesting that in Greek soap is "sapuni"


What is the difference between kusafisha and kuosha?


Kusafisha = to clean Kuosha = to wash

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